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      Varley looked round.Ah! yes! She understood. I must go to Madame Cerise to-morrow. Youll want ever so many new dresses. Oh! my heads in a whirl! Think of itDuchess of Belfayre!

      I must get a map of the country, he said, and plan out some excursions.Esmeralda, she said.

      Think, he said. I can understand how much I have startled you, and that you should not be ready to give me an answer. What can I say to persuade you? I will say nothing more about myself; I will only say that if you will consent to be my wife, you will not only make me very happy, but all my people. They will be delighted to welcome you as one of ourselves.She shook her head.

      She took the compliment as coolly as if he had remarked that it was a fine evening.I dont know, she said, wearily. He may have been afraid, seeing you.

      Yes; she discovered that I married her for her money.

      "I hope so. I went upstairs at nine o'clock, while Father Rodwell was reading to you, and gave him my goodnight kiss. He was fast asleep."


      Well, what is it? said Esmeralda. If you think Im going to take this money or go to England with this old mummy without you, youre mistaken.


      She had expected to seewell, what Mr. Pinchook had expected to seea rough, uncouth, gauche girl, eloquent of the backwoods and savagery. But this slim, graceful girl, with her red-gold hair and star-like eyes smashed Lady Wyndovers fancy picture into smithereens. She stood and gazed at her, and Esmeralda gazed back with a grave and steady regard which disconcerted even Lady Wyndover.Yes; it is done, he said, gravely. She drew a long breath, and he felt her hand close tightly upon his.


      She glanced unconsciously toward the door.[252]